The Whale 2023

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The Whale is based on the story of most fat man who name Charlie. It will also be noted that it is still raining outside, perhaps to arouse his dismay. Sitting beside him and waiting to die, while his friend Liz patiently cares for him and occasionally watches TV with him. We easily enter into the intimacy of the character, thanks to the empathetic and heartwarming performance of the actor. The tumultuous relationship between Charlie and his daughter is central to the film. He tries to redeem himself after abandoning her and his mother many years ago. Sadie Sink has great chemistry with Brendan Fraser, who really are supposed to be father and daughter. Charlie is full of awe and wonder. Stream online The Whale 2023 in full HD on Flixtor Movie for free.

The Whale 2023

Genre: DramaFixtorFlixTor 2023Myflixer


Quality: HD


Date: February 23, 2023

IMDb: 8.0

Duration: 117 min