The Toll 2021

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Watch full movie The Toll on flixtor website in 4k. The main character of the movie is Cami (Jordan Hayes). She is tired after a long flight journey and looking forward to finally getting home. From the airport, Cami book a taxi, but the driver brings her to a dead end. She blames the driver for everything, thinking that this is some kind of trap. The main problem is this there is no communication does work. She runs out of the car. But the forest around is fraught with a worse threat. The forest around is fraught with a more terrible threat. The mysterious Tolman wanders nearby. Feeding on the fears of lost travelers. Will she live?

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Stream new The Toll movie on flixtor free movies website without signup. It is a popular, long-standing streaming website of the USA. An excellent collection of Hollywood Movies is available in great streaming qualities including 1080p and 720p HD.

Review of the movie The Toll (2021).
If you like quirky characters and Thriller movies, you will definitely enjoy this movie. The movie story is about a lone toll-booth operator with a past that is fast catching up with him.

The Toll 2021

Genre: 2021HorrorThriller



Date: March 24, 2021

IMDb: 7.1

Duration: 78 min