We Have A Ghost 2023

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The defiance of formula is the theme of the film’s viewing—getting to really know someone before what we see, or what we want to see. To most people, Ernest is a bona fide spirit haunting a Louisiana home and its new tenants. When one of his videos goes viral, Landon takes the opportunity to chide our social media-driven mob mentality, finding something to complain about or celebrate. But in taking the time to uncover the mystery surrounding his demise, he transcends Ernest and becomes a man with a past and a family who was remembered and deserves closure. Watch online We Have a Ghost in full HD quality on Flixtor Movie without membership.

We Have A Ghost 2023

Genre: AdventureComedyFamilyFlixTor 2023Myflixer


Quality: HD


Date: February 28, 2023

IMDb: 6.2

Duration: 126 min