The Boogeyman 2023

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In the early scenes, Sadie is seen struggling to fit in at school while being known as the girl with the dead mum. And while The Boogeyman briefly explores high school relationships, the movie is at its best when it focuses on the struggle between good and evil and terrifies the viewer to death. It’s possible to rekindle childhood phobias and believe in the existence of closet monsters when the action is confined to the Harper home’s gloomy halls and bedrooms. The boogeyman can be subtle when it wants to be, but it can also decide to make itself known in order to terrorise its victims even more. Browse now this month’s top Flixtor movie streaming without any payment or ads.

The Boogeyman 2023

Genre: All Latest MoviesFlixTor 2023HorrorMysteryThriller


Quality: HD


Date: June 6, 2023

IMDb: 6.2

Duration: 98 min