Spell 2020

Watch full movie Spell 2020 flixtor online in HD. This main character of the movie is Marquis T. Woods, an enormously successful corporate lawyer. He is good at his job and makes a lot of money. One day, Marquis has to pilot his own airplane with his wife and two teens back to Appalachia to go to his father’s funeral. But on the way his single-engine plane crash lands in the mountains during an intense storm. Marquis wakes in the attic of the meek Mrs. Eloise as the sole survivor of the plane crash. Soon, Marquis begins to realize that the Hoodoo-practicing Eloise might have more sinister intentions than what she shows on the surface. What will they do? To know watch this movie. Stream & Download flixtor films without spending money. Here doesn’t even require you to set up an account.

Spell 2020

Genre: 2020FixtorHorrorThriller


Quality: HD


Date: October 30, 2020

IMDb: 5.8

Duration: 91 min