The Father 2021

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Watch full movie The Father on flixtor website in 1080p HD. This is a dramatic film that tells the story of an eighty-year-old man named Anthony with dementia. His daughter Anne wants to move to Paris, and because of this, she is looking for a worthy nurse for her father who can take care of the old man. But Anthony is not ready for a change and refuses to let the nurse near him. The disease progresses more and more, and reality disappears from under our feet. The daughter begins to seem to him a stranger, and the furniture seems to be arranged in a new way. Anne worries about her father and suffers from feelings of guilt, which leaves him for the opportunity to improve his own life.

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Review of the movie The Father (2021).
This is a heartbreaking movie, It’s extremely well made. Kudos to director Florian Zeller who is making his directorial debut full of Oscar Buzz. The movie is directed by Florian Zeller and stars Academy Award-winning actors Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman. Highly recommended to watch.

The Father 2021

Genre: 2021Drama

Country: ,

Quality: HD


Date: March 30, 2021

IMDb: 8.2

Duration: 97 min