Space Cadet 2024

Space Cadet 2024

Genre: 2024Comedy

Quality: HD


Date: July 9, 2024

IMDb: 4.9

Duration: 110 Minutes

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Despite receiving a full college scholarship upon graduating from high school, Rex chose to remain at home following her mother's cancer diagnosis. She stayed at home to help her father after that. After all, ten years had passed. She starts to question what her life may have been like at her college reunion if she had followed her first goal after seeing Toddrick Spencer, a classmate who is now a tech billionaire whose company launches consumers into lower space. Rex chooses to apply to NASA even though he does not meet the standards for education or experience for the space program. When she approaches her friend Nadine for assistance with the formatting, Nadine adds some fictitious credentials to the resume and submits it without notifying Rex. All Famous Latest HD English Movies and TV Shows Watch Online on Flixtor.