Shark Bait 2022

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Watch full movie Shark Bait 2022 online in HD on The film is about incredible friends who go to hot Mexico for the weekend. They hope to have a good rest and relax away from the noisy metropolis. No one could have imagined that for many this trip could be the last. After a noisy party, the comrades decide to ride a jet ski. Secretly from their owners, they steal them and break into the dark sea at full speed. Games go too far. The company does not notice at all how it moves too far from the coast. Sushi is almost invisible. The cry of one of them makes the friends sober up. The watercraft is out of order. One of the guys is seriously injured. The comrades do not intend to leave him to the mercy of fate, but it will be quite difficult to get to the saving land with a wounded person. The problems don’t end there. A white shark emerges from the sea. She circles right under the young people and smells the blood. The wild animal is only waiting for the right moment to attack in order to tear its victims to pieces.

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Review of the movie Shark Bait 2022.
A group of young people are attacked by a great white shark when their stolen jet skis break down in the middle of the ocean.

Shark Bait 2022

Genre: 2022MyflixerThriller


Quality: HD


Date: May 17, 2022

IMDb: 4.1

Duration: 87 min