The Last of Us S01E07

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The end of The Last of Us episode 6 left us wondering if Joel was dead or alive. But when we look at all the differences between the series and The Last of Us, the truth is that there’s a shadow of a doubt there Joel survives on End. At least for now as the stab wound appears to be too deep and Ellie has to work hard to stop him from going any further. But why is she risking her life to help Joel? We can imagine that this is due to the deaths of Tess, Frank, Bill, Henry and Sam. But it’s not just that. Episode 7 delves into her past, weeks before she met Joel in Boston, and reveals her emotional history with her best friend and her first love, Riley. There, Left Behind takes us back in time weeks before Ellie and Marlene meet. Watch online The Last of Us S01E07 series in full HD quality with no ads. Stream also new collection Flixtor Movies without signup for free.

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Duration: 55 min

TMDb: 7.5