The Last of Us S01E03

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Watch full free The Last of Us S01E03 online on Flixtor .id website in 1080p HD. The journey to Boston proves to be trickier than Joel anticipated in The Last of Us Season 1, Episode 3. The man repeatedly travelled this stretch of road but made an effort to avoid going into the city because there were too many mutant infected there. He is now more concerned about the nearly total lack of supplies, which is why Joel is going to see an old friend to ask him for assistance. Billy discovers a hungry and worn-out wanderer in his trap close to his home. After a lengthy and pointless trek, he identifies himself as Frank and requests that at the very least, you feed him. Billy hesitates since, in general, he doesn’t let visitors inside the house because he is concerned about the security of his goods. Billy has been missing straightforward human interaction for a while, but Frank appears kind and harmless. When Joel arrives at an old friend’s hideout, he is in for a shocking letdown. Billy took a new route to express gratitude to life for its kindness toward him.

Genre: ActionAdventureDramaFlixTor 2023



Duration: 76 min

TMDb: 8.0