Swamp Thing S01-E02-Worlds Apart

Suzie disappears from the hospital and Abby joins forces with an old friend to find out what happened to her. In doing so, it opens up old wounds from the past, which can cause its loyalty to sink or swim. Abby goes to Avery to get access to Alec’s belongings, but he says he had money on those findings and that she will not have access. Abby threatens to get a court order, but Avery says she is doing her a favor by helping her. Harlan tells him that Suzie was seen in the swamp. The children get on a speedboat and are in danger when the men argue with the officer. The officer is killed, but one of the men notices Suzie and pursues her to kill her. But the Swamp Monster comes to his aid because he wants her to survive his ordeal.

Genre: 2019ActionAdventureDramaTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 51min

TMDb: 9.0