Money Heist S05 E01

Money heist season 5-first episode The End of the Road is directed by Jesús Colmenar and Koldo Serra. In this episode, Alicia Sierra finds the lair of the Professor and pointing a weapon at him. She intends to force him to tell his plan of robbery and turn it over to the police. Hearing this, Sergio suddenly enters into a fight with her. Four years before the robbery, Berlin invites his son Raphael to Denmark. Where he declares that he wants to forget about past grievances. He can start their relationship with a clean slate. Much to Raphael’s surprise, Berlin’s friend Tatiana joins their family trip, and the guy’s enthusiastic mood is darkened.
Before the start of the robbery, Sergio, having told his beloved Raquel the details of the Paris plan. He says that he will be followed by the Rome plan. In his opinion, the police will be so humiliated by the return of their only captive to the bank. That they will immediately retaliate with the involvement of the military. The far-sighted Professor was right this time too: Colonel Tamayo engages the military and orders them to prepare for the assault. Lisbon informs colleagues about the change in the plan. Now they need to withdraw all the products available at the moment from the bank and they have 3, maximum 4 hours for everything. Meanwhile, Spanish police are chasing the helicopter that brought Raquel to the bank to interrogate the pilot. Here Users can also watch their favorite free hd movie streaming online effortlessly.

Genre: 2021ActionCrimeMysteryTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 70 min

TMDb: 7.7