Secret Invasion S01 E06

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Fury calls his wife Priscilla to start the episode. It’s effectively a goodbye call, and Fury makes it apparent that he’s unsure of whether he’ll call again. A sedan pulls up to the New Skrullos gates after the call. Fury wasn’t even in the car when the guards started shooting at it. Fury enters the Skrull compound after swiftly taking them out with a gun. Following the credits, we rejoin Rhodey/Raava, who is still advocating for the nuclear attack. Without first making sure that the Russians are indeed collaborating with the Skrulls, the admiralty is unwilling to take such action. Rhodey persuades the President even further, displaying real-time video of Russian forces approaching the borders with Finland and Ukraine. Watch trending Flixtor movies of July 2023 with whole family here.

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Duration: 38m