Poker Face S01E03

How to stream Poker Face S01 E03 online on FlixTor?.
Watch full free Poker Face S01 E03 online on Flixtor Is website in 1080p HD. The Stall follows brothers George (Larry Brown) and Taffy Doyle (Lil Rel Howery), who run a popular Texas BBQ joint. Taffy is an upbeat and energetic soul who enjoys his meat-centric lifestyle. He even hosts a popular radio show about the topic. His brother George, on the other hand, is having second thoughts. Because he does not want to be a murderer, he is leaving the lucrative family business and becoming a vegan. This throws a wrench in Taffy’s big beef rub deal, which he was planning to close with his brother. Taffy is unable to purchase George’s share of the company because he is not as good with money as George, who assures him that he has spoken with some money people who will make the deal fair. Desperate and stressed, Taffy records himself in his car praising George, whom he refers to as the “real genius” of the operation. Following this, Taffy shares a beer with his brother, who is planning a post-meat life in California. Despite Taffy’s friendly pleas, George is determined to embark on a vegan journey. Taffy complains that their father always made him feel inferior to George, but George reminds him that the large beef operation they run is entirely due to Taffy and George’s wife Mandy’s (Danielle Macdonald) drive and ingenuity. However, compliments do not pay the bills. Taffy expresses his worry to Mandy, and the two exchange a knowing look.

Genre: CrimeDramaFlixTor 2023MysteryTv-Show

Quality: HD

Duration: 56 min