The Mandalorian S1-E4

Download complete hollywood The Mandalorian S01E04 tv series. Amos arrives in Sorgan and meets the ex-soldier Cara Dune. She explains that he is hiding there and asks him to leave. As she arranges her ship to leave two fishermen approach her, offering her a counter to drive off a band of Klatoon invaders. He accepts a change of accommodations and also enlists the help of Dune. In Sorgan they are accommodated by Omera a widowed mother. He discovers that the invaders have an Imperial AT-ST and urges them to leave, but the villagers refuse and so Dune and the Mandalorian train them to defend themselves. These provoke them at night and by exploding the AT-ST force the rest of the invaders to flee. With peace restored the Mandalorian realizes that the village is not a safe place so he and the boy leave there. Enjoy tremendous collection of flixtor TV shows in HD quality.

Genre: ActionAdventureFixtorSci-FiTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 41min

TMDb: 7.8