Loki S02 E04

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“Heart of the TVA,” the fourth episode of Season 2, ends on a shocking cliffhanger: The Temporal Loom looks to collapse into itself once Timely gets spaghettified and then starts to expand, blasting out a bright light that swallows everything in its path. All Loki and company can do is wait to be consumed by the light. When it does, the dramatic score of the show abruptly ends, the screen goes dark for a few seconds, and the credits appear. They were all killed by the unstable Loom, just as O.B. had foretold. We are aware, of course, that they are not truly dead. After all, Season 2 only has two episodes left, therefore the show must continue. You can watch episode 5 of Loki season 2 only on Flixtor website.

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