The Last of Us S01E01

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Watch full free The Last of Us S01E01 online on flixtor to website in HD. Mankind has always been known for its lofty goals and firm belief that the planet Earth is solely theirs. Careerists, scientists, musicians, politicians, monarchs, and other brilliant representatives of the human race have spent years, if not lives, justifying the trust of their parents or the people, but all of this will be rendered obsolete one day. The self-assured crowns of evolution will one day become prey, giving way to a more dangerous and bloodthirsty species at the top of the predator pyramid. People who are purposeful, strong-willed, and fussy will be replaced by those who have succumbed to a new, incurable fungal infection. A terrible epidemic spread at breakneck speed, leaving no time for humanity to intervene. People were either infected with the disease itself or became prey to mutilated sick people. Unlike the plague leprosy or the same coronavirus infection did not kill its carrier, but turned it into a real walking dead man, driven forward by an insatiable feeling of hunger, which can be seen in the long-awaited series “The Last of Us”. In a matter of weeks, a once-prosperous civilization has devolved into a massive herd of zombies, with only a few lucky survivors managing to flee the cities and find a safe haven.

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Duration: 81 min

TMDb: 9.3