His Dark Materials S01E07

Streaming of popular tv series His Dark Materials S01E07 in ultra hd. Lyra survived the fall, but is captured by an armored bear and taken to Jofur Raknison’s palace in Svalbard. She convinces Yofur that she is an artificial daemon of Iorek, created by the scientists at Bolvangar. Lyra tricks Yofur into fighting Iorek in a duel so that she becomes his. Iorek wins, although he is badly injured. He becomes king and reunites Lyra with Roger. They are sent to Azriel’s lab. Meanwhile, Mrs Coulter, Father Macphail, and the soldiers of the Magisterium travel to Svalbard to find and kill Asriel. Elsewhere, Scorsby and Hester made an emergency landing. Seraphina comes to them and says that the others are safe, but Lyra needs help. Lyra, Roger, and Iorek climb the mountains of Svalbard and reach Asriel’s laboratory. Lyra and Azriel reunite, although her arrival at first grieves Azriel. Meanwhile, Boreal returns to an alternate world and visits Elaine Parry, who refuses to share information about her husband. After Boreal’s mercenary infiltrates Parry’s house, Will retrieves his father’s letters. When Thomas and his accomplice return, Will kills Thomas in self-defense and then escapes. Huge collection of flixtor free movies which you can watch online without downloading and registration.

Genre: AdventureDramaFamilyFixtorTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 55min

TMDb: 8.2