His Dark Materials S01E01

Watch His Dark Materials S01E01 flixtor tv series in 720p. Lyra Belacqua is brought up and trained at Jordan College, Oxford. The physical manifestation of her soul is Damon Panteleimon, and her closest friend is the servant boy Roger Parslow who works in the kitchen. Lyra admires her uncle Lord Asriel, a polar explorer who studies the nature of Dust and parallel worlds which the Magisterium considers heresy. Lyra sees that the Master of Jordan College will poison Azriel by putting poison in Tokay wine and saves her uncle from certain death. After Azriel sets off on another polar expedition, the Master introduces Lyra to Marisa Coulter, who invites the girl to become her assistant and go to London. Before leaving the Master gives Lyra an alethiometer which shows the truth and asks not to tell Mrs. Coulter about it. The mysterious “Priests” kidnap Roger and a gypsy boy named Billy Costa. Lyra flies in an airship with Marisa to London, hoping to find Roger. The gypsy camp also leaves Oxford and goes by boat to London in search of the Priests. Flixtor stream is an ad free and most popular platform to watch TV shows online in high quality.

Genre: AdventureDramaFamilyFixtorTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 55min

TMDb: 8.0