Defending Jacob S01E02

Hollywood Full tv series Defending Jacob S01E02 without advertisement interruptions. As Andy found a knife that matches the murder weapon, he and his wife try to talk to Jacob about the knife and internet posts. But when Jacob refuses the facts not knowing about the knife and also the comments are meaningless, Andy gets rid of the knife and throws it into a trash can away from the house. When Jacob get to know that he is being accused by his another classmate Derek, he got scared and on the way home he notices police near his house and runs away. Meanwhile, Andy is suspended from the case as the only fingerprint found on Ben’s body was Jacob’s and he is the prime suspect. The police receive a warrant and found Jacob at one playground. At the police station, Jacob insists on his innocence, saying that he found Ben’s body in the morning on the way to school and did not tell anyone as he was afraid that he would be accused of murder. But he has to spend the night in the jail before being charged. Andy and Laurie believe in their son’s innocence. This is the best platforms to watch TV shows and flixtor stream movies online without signing up.

Genre: CrimeDramaFixtorMysteryTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 45min

TMDb: 8.4