Money Heist S05 E02

Money heist season 5-second episode Do You Believe in Reincarnation? is directed by Jesús Colmenar. In this episode, Lisbon, Stockholm and Tokyo, barefoot and unarmed. They take to the streets surrounded by hostages and raise a white flag. Seeing this picture, Colonel Tamayo is eager to capture the three criminals at any cost and already orders Suarez to prepare for the operation. But Angel intervenes. He tries to reason with the emotional boss, because you can’t ignore the white flag in front of the whole world. Angel persuades the colonel to negotiate with the robbers.

Meanwhile, at the bank, a shootout between robbers and an escaped group of hostages is gaining momentum. As a result, the latter manages to hide in the cargo terminal. The robbers realize that they are running out of ammunition. Then Tokyo remembers the Gandia bunker and goes for additional weapons. You can also watch Flixtor Movies online in 1080p HD.

Genre: 2021ActionCrimeMysteryTv-Show


Quality: HD


Duration: 70 min

TMDb: 7.3