Ahsoka S01 E08

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Regarding Ezra, Sabine’s Force abilities are what let him to find Hera Syndulla and Chopper again. Huyang works with Ezra to create a new lightsaber. Ezra wanted a new lightsaber because he had already given Sabine his old one. This week, with the Night Troopers and Zombie Troopers as I’m calling them, it was extremely helpful. Could that be a thing? Morgan Elsbeth received the Blade of Talzin thanks to the Great Mothers’ magic. While Ahsoka loses a saber in their fight with Morgan, she ultimately defeats the Nightsister. Both Ahsoka and Sabine fail in their attempts to get to Grand Admiral Thrawn’s ship after making an effort to stop him. Browse Flixtor movie website and enjoy top quality movies of Hollywood with no hassles.

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