Scream VI 2023

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Instead of going to Woodsboro, California, “Scream 6” takes us to the megacity of New York, where the survivors of the 2022 film try to put their horrific experiences behind them. A year after a series of murders by Richie Kirsch and his comrade-in-arms Amber Freeman put a poignant end to the bloody events, Sam Carpenter is still dealing with the events. Two things in particular give him a headache: For one thing, rumors are circulating on the Internet that he himself was the perpetrator and blamed Richie and Amber for the murder. On the other hand, he can’t shake the feeling that he enjoyed killing the two murderers. Is he infected with the bad side of his father, Billy Loomis? Stream Scream VI 2023 online on Flixtor Horror Movies for free.

Scream VI 2023

Genre: All Latest MoviesFlixTor 2023HorrorMyflixerMysteryThriller


Quality: HD


Date: April 30, 2023

IMDb: 7.5

Duration: 123 min