Running with the Devil 2019

Watch Running with the Devil Flixtor english movie streaming online free in 720p. When a cocaine shipment does not go as he likes it, the desperate leader of the cartel (The Boss) sends his most trusted man (The Man) and another drug trader (The Cook) on a dangerous journey to control the supply chain . They follow the origin of cocaine in Colombia, where a hardworking family man (The Farmer), and his wife and children, have to deliver the cocaine paste from the treacherous mountainous jungles of Colombia, on his first stop in a long journey north. The Cook and The Man, with The Executioner on their heels, follow the mission across international borders, past a series of federal states, gangsters, refineries and couriers to Canada, and to the final point of purchase. Watch more Flixtor Thriller Movies online streaming in HD quality.

Running with the Devil 2019

Genre: 2019CrimeDramaThriller


Quality: HD


Date: September 25, 2019

IMDb: 5.3

Duration: 100 min