Ricky Stanicky 2024

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When that blazing poop joke turns into a full house fire rather than just a front step, Dean, JT, and Wes are left behind. In a whole lot of problems once the perpetrator is identified. Due to some evidence manipulation on Dean’s part, their pal Ricky Stanicky is the primary suspect. But Ricky is a fictitious character that they created to use as a card that allows them to avoid going to jail. And they’re still cashing those checks, twenty years later. Not interested in attending a coworker’s wedding? They must pick up Ricky as he is about to leave treatment. The baby shower for JT? They must be by Ricky’s side as he prepares for surgery. If you are looking for entertainment on the internet then Flixtor movie website will be a pretty good choice to watch movies.

Ricky Stanicky 2024

Genre: 2024All Latest MoviesComedy


Quality: HD

Date: March 11, 2024

IMDb: 6.2

Duration: 113 Min