Metal Lords 2022

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Stream Metal Lords 2022 in Ultra HD. Secondary school companions Kevin and Hunter have framed a weighty metal band and have been hoping to expand the enrollment. Singer lead guitarist Hunter trusts himself to be a without a doubt metalhead, while drummer Kevin is in the band simply because his dearest companion demands him to do so and he concedes that he doesn’t actually get metal music. What the two share most for all intents and purpose is the way they can’t find a place with the vast majority of different children at school, and this turns into a deterrent when they need to get hold of a bass guitarist for their band. Watch latest English movies in HD on Flixtor.

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Kevin plays the drum in the school’s walking band, which he does just to stay away from PE classes, and on one event, he sees a young lady blow her top and horrendously yell at the teacher for having noticed her powerlessness to arrange with the band.

Metal Lords 2022

Genre: 2022ComedyDrama


Quality: HD


Date: April 12, 2022

IMDb: 6.8

Duration: 97 min