In the Earth 2021

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Watch full movie TIn the Earth on flixtor website in 1080p. This movie is about an unknown virus. Humanity has been living in an epidemic of a highly contagious. A scientist, joined by an officer, goes to a colleague’s timberland camp. Because scientist’s friend is contemplating the impact of mycorrhiza on yields. It is just two days by walking to the objective. After one day, they experience oddities. There phantasmagoric and terrifying events begin to take place. First, they find an abandoned tent with their belongings, and then they themselves are attacked by unknown persons who break their communications and leave them without shoes.

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Review of the movie TIn the Earth (2021).
In the Earth is marketed as a horror movie, however, it’s not the case. In the movie, you will watch a scientist and a park scout’s journey turned into a horrible through the heart of darkness and the forest grew wildly around them. The movie’s plot is overly surreal and weird, almost trippy, and never made any sense

In the Earth 2021

Genre: 2021Horror


Quality: HD


Date: May 13, 2021

IMDb: 5.6

Duration: 100 min