House Party 2023

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Watch full free movie House Party 2023 online on flixtor website in HD. A comedy film about a black high school student and his friend who land jobs as cleaners at the legendary basketball player LeBron James’ home. However, on the first day of work, the guys make a number of mistakes, and as a result, they are thrown out into the street without being paid. Such injustice simply leaves the guys with no choice but to seek vengeance. To make the former employer’s life a little more difficult, the friends decide to throw a wild party in his mansion, inviting almost all of their school friends. But the fun quickly turns into a slew of serious issues for the guys, for which they are completely unprepared. If nothing is done, the schoolchildren will have to pay a large sum of money to the owner of the house and humiliate themselves in front of the entire city. Will the friends be able to redeem themselves and earn forgiveness?

House Party 2023

Genre: ComedyFlixTor 2023Myflixer


Quality: HD


Date: January 20, 2023

IMDb: 4.4

Duration: 100 min