My Policeman 2022

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Watch full free movie My Policeman 2022 online on flixtor website in HD. The story is set in the 1950s. On the Brighton coast, the protagonist meets a schoolteacher. Tom, a police officer, falls in love with a lovely woman. However, the guy’s non-traditional sexual orientation complicates the relationship. He is already in a relationship with Patrick, the curator of the Brighton Museum. Lover recently lost a relationship. In Puritan society, such relationships are frowned upon. Men conceal same-sex relationships. Marion is envious of her lover, but she is powerless to change the situation. The Trinity makes an effort to maintain normal communication with one another. A museum employee introduces the spouses to the life of the cultural elite. Nonetheless, rivalry and distrust undermine established agreements. Tom lives with Marion but sees Patrick for a few hours each day. A friend goes to see friends one day. His unexpected return does not bode well. If their secret is revealed to the public, the heroes will face harsh realities.

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Watch full movie My Policeman 2022 on FlixTor & Myflixer movies site. 1950s. Marion, a teacher, falls in love with a police officer named Tom, who also has feelings for art critic Patrick. Friends reunite after 40 years to reminisce about their youth.

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The story takes place in 1950s England. At the time, homosexual relationships were illegal in the country. Marion, a schoolteacher, falls in love with police officer Tom. The girl is unaware that Tom has feelings for art critic Patrick. Many years later, Marion and Tom invite an elderly and incapacitated Patrick to their home and reminisce about their shared youth.

My Policeman 2022

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Date: November 7, 2022

IMDb: 6.6

Duration: 113 min