Twist 2021

How to stream movie Twist 2021 on flixtor online?
Stream new movie Twist 2021 in 720p. The main character Oliver Twist is a young but talented artist living in London. He is engaged in self-expression by painting graffiti on fences, walls of multi-story buildings, cafeterias. Once, he even painted the walls of a government building with provocative slogans, hitting the news feed of a popular newspaper. Attempts to catch the young vandal and instill responsibility in him were in vain. Each time, he cleverly hid from law enforcement agencies, using the most incredible escape routes to escape. But, once, crossing the next line of the law for a specific purpose, Oliver caught the eye of a strange group of people. He got interested in a gang of bad guys and girls, and they decided to make him another member of the group. Gently getting close to the young talent, they accepted him into the community and began to gradually introduce him into the course of the matter. It turned out that they had been planning a high-profile robbery for a long time. They needed Oliver as an assistant, as he was suitable in all respects. Fraudsters dreamed of robbing an art gallery, hoping to get the most expensive painting of the century. And even already found a buyer for it. But, during the operation. Their mutual friend decided to appropriate the portrait for himself.

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Review of the movie Twist (2021).
This is a superb movie. The content of the film is very similar to Oliver’s twist. It’s not a remake!!!!! But a pretty good film. You have to watch it once. The ending of the movie is awesome, totally unexpected.

Twist 2021

Genre: 2021ActionDrama


Quality: HD


Date: April 20, 2021

IMDb: 4.0

Duration: 90 min