Moonfall 2022

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Watch full movie Moonfall 2022 online in HD. The earth is again in mortal danger, but this time as unexpected as possible. Her normally harmless companion has suddenly left its orbit and is preparing to crash into the planet in its entirety. A few weeks before the collision, humanity is experiencing incredible natural disasters and, it seems, no longer believes in a possible salvation.

Only the head of NASA, Joe Fuller, does not lose heart. As a former astronaut, she is well aware that even a catastrophe of this magnitude can be prevented. Together with like-minded colleagues, the American goes into space, where she hopes to confirm her theory. If everything goes smoothly, very soon people will know that the moon is not at all what it skillfully pretends to be! Watch new movie on flixtormovies site without login.

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Review of the movie Moonfall 2022.
The film tells how an unknown force knocks the Moon out of the orbit of the Earth’s natural satellite and sends it on a collision trajectory with the planet’s surface. NASA sends astronauts on an “impossible mission” to save the Earth and all life. But upon arrival at the falling moon, they realize that something is wrong with her.

Moonfall 2022

Genre: 2022ActionAdventureMyflixerSci-Fi


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Quality: HD


Date: March 29, 2022

IMDb: 5.3

Duration: 120 min