Meg 2 The Trench 2023

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Jonas is now employed as an eco-warrior alongside his engineer friends Mac and DJ, as well as a few other scientists in Meg 2. Jonas and his team once more venture into “the trench” the deepest region of the ocean where megalodons, or megs, still exist in the universe of the movie—where they come across an illegal mining operation. Ultimately, they become trapped and are then forced to resort to drastic tactics to escape. A rudimentary understanding of geography or even just a little stylistic verve would help these dreadfully cliched scenes in this dimly illuminated section of Wheatley’s movie appear cohesive, let alone fascinating. But in the world of Meg 2, Jonas does get through his seemingly hopeless situation. For easy movie streaming on your device, just choose Flixtor for enjoyments at weekends.

Meg 2 The Trench 2023

Genre: ActionAdventureFlixTor 2023Horror


Quality: HD


Date: August 25, 2023

IMDb: 5.6

Duration: 116 min