Journey to Bethlehem 2023 CAM Version

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The story of teenage Nazarene Mary, who learns she has been engaged from her family, is told in this musical. She runs into and flirts with a young man in the market before she meets her intended. It turns out he’s Joseph, the guy she’s been dating. However, Mary receives a visit from an angel named Gabriel prior to their nuptials, informing her that she has been granted a miracle pregnancy and that her unborn child would be the son of God. This naturally raises a disturbance, and Joseph has to choose whether to reject her or go ahead with the marriage plans. In the meantime, King Herod was inspired by the three wise men’s message and visions. Check out the Flixtor website, if you want to see the new Hollywood releases.

Journey to Bethlehem 2023 CAM Version

Genre: AdventureAll Latest MoviesFamilyFlixTor 2023Musical


Quality: CAM


Date: November 17, 2023

IMDb: 6.6

Duration: 98 min