IF 2024

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Bea is set to stay with her Grandmother in New York City, given a place in an apartment complex while her Father undergoes preparations for heart surgery at the hospital. Having already lost her mother when she was young, Bea is anxious about her Father’s procedure and is enduring his attempts to use humor to alleviate the pain. In the same building, there resides Cal, a mysterious individual who is connected to the world of Imaginary Friends. Cal is accompanied by butterfly Blossom and Blue, a large purple monster. Cal seeks Bea’s assistance in reuniting the IFs with their childhood companions, as these reunions prove to be mutually beneficial. Bea agrees to embark on this quest and is soon. Introduced to the world of IFs and their retirement home at Coney Island. Enjoy Full HD English Movie Online on Flixtor in HD.

IF 2024

Genre: 2024AnimationComedyDrama


Date: May 20, 2024

IMDb: 6.8

Duration: 104 minutes