I Am Lisa 2020

Download & Watch movie I Am Lisa 2020 flixtor online in 720p quality. This is about the narrative of a gullible young lady who traversed America in the expectation of finding another home. One day she coincidentally meets the sheriff of an unassuming community. A cruel man along with his subordinates. He takes Lisa far into the timberland, where they have mercilessly assaulted Lisa. They afterward the injured one is left to bite the dust in a peaceful wild. However, her life does not end there. A mysterious beast appears, which, with its bite, turns the lady into a werewolf. what will Lisa do to retribution? Stream free Hollywood flictor movies online without having any membership account.

I Am Lisa 2020

Genre: 2020HorrorThriller


Quality: HD


Date: October 12, 2020

IMDb: 3.7

Duration: 92 min