Ghostlight 2024

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One of the aspects in “Ghostlight” that I thought most intriguing—that is, you don’t find out what this family’s “deal” is until rather late in the movie—will annoy some viewers. You’re unable to determine why any of them are acting in this manner for a considerable amount of time. At work, Dan is gloomy and a bit of a space case. He has an extremely short fuse that can burst through his fog and cause serious issues. Daisy is under discipline for an outburst at her school and has a temper as well. She doesn’t worry that she is breaking a taboo when she uses vulgarity in places where no one else does. Sharon is a devout, watchful mother and wife who appears to be hanging out. Full HD English Movies and TV Shows on Flixtor in HD.

Ghostlight 2024

Genre: 2024ComedyDrama


Date: June 20, 2024

IMDb: 8.0

Duration: 110 Minutes