Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire 2024

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“Afterlife” plays a significant role in establishing the events of “Frozen Empire.” Using her scientific curiosity, Phoebe Spengler continues along the route that her grandpa, Egon, paved in the 1980s with the help of Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, and Winston Zeddemore. In this scene, “Frozen Empire” immediately immerses us in the world of Phoebe, her mother Callie, her brother Trevor, and science teacher Gary in New York. Her grandfather used to work out of the same firehouse where they were busting ghosts. Additionally, a squad of firefighters were from the same station in 1904. The artwork benefits from the use of the original background music in some parts, which wonderfully captures the essence of the original. You would be amazed at how big Flixtor movies collection to explore all new and old titles of Hollywood.

Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire 2024

Genre: 2024AdventureAll Latest MoviesComedyFantasy


Quality: CAM

Date: May 5, 2024

IMDb: 6.5

Duration: 115 Min