G-Loc 2020

Watch movie G-Loc 2020 flixtor online. The film is set in the future. The earth became practically uninhabitable after the beginning of the next ice age. The situation could have become hopeless if a portal had not opened near our planet, which lead to the planet Reye, suitable for humans. The first group of people goes there, quickly settling in a new place and making an incredible technological breakthrough. Then, instead of saving the rest of humanity, they close the portal so that no one else can get to the beautiful Reya. The main character of the film, Bran Marshall, is one of several million desperate refugees trying to make their way to a saving new Earth . On Flixtor watch latest movies uncut and unedited absolutely free.

G-Loc 2020

Genre: 2020FixtorSci-Fi

Country: ,

Quality: HD


Date: August 13, 2020

IMDb: 4.2

Duration: 1h 32min