The Adam Project 2022

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Watch full movie The Adam Project 2022 online in HD. The plot of the film’s fantastical adventures revolves around Adam Reed, a pilot-astronaut from the future who is looking for his beloved, who is lost in the space-time continuum, in 2050. However, due to the accident, he ends up in 2022 and meets himself as a child. After receiving minor injuries, adult Adam climbs into his father’s garage, where he meets his thirteen-year-old self. Adult Adam recalls himself at this age, how indecisive and sensitive he was, how he couldn’t stand up to school bullies and wished to grow up strong and serious.

Adam’s mother told him several times that he needed to think about the future, and he remembered these words for the rest of his life. However, if as a child he saw them with a glimmer of hope, as an adult he realised that nothing is more important than self-confidence, and for this you must see the goal. The gradual reconciliation of the older and younger Adam begins with what the boys enjoy doing: finding something in common.

So the younger one realises, after comparing his father’s scar and watch, as well as the older one’s behaviour and habits, that they are the same person, despite the 25-year age difference. Subsequent events delight the younger Adam, because not everyone is aware that time travel is not just a fascinating fantasy, but also a reality.

Traveling through space and time together fosters trust between the older and younger Adams. There are many obstacles and unexpected encounters along the way, but the most unexpected was meeting their father in the past, when he was the same age as the elder Adam. Mutual surprise and joy knew no bounds. However, there is another issue that must be addressed: it is necessary to correct the error that resulted in the disaster in the future. Faithful friends will come to their aid in order to deal with the terrible threat to all humanity as a whole. Watch new myflixers website for free.

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Time-traveling pilot Adam Reed crash-lands in 2022 and sets out with himself as a 12-year-old to save the future.

The Adam Project 2022

Genre: 2022ActionAdventureComedyMyflixer


Quality: HD


Date: March 12, 2022

IMDb: 7.0

Duration: 106 min