Censor 2021

How to stream movie Censor on flixtor online?
Watch full movie Censor on flixtor website in HD. The movie will take you in the time 1980s Britain. The main character of the movie named Ined works on the censorship committee, where her responsibility is to cut out bloody scenes from category B films. One day she reads in the newspapers that the censors do not work well. Since another murder was inspired by a slasher, Ined strongly gets upset. But one day, a new film evokes in Ined memories of her own past. However, in the process of watching, Ined discovers that what is happening on the screen echoes the events of her life. Because the leading role of that movie is very similar to her once-missing sister.

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Full Movie Censor on flixtor peliculas & 123movies website. Flixtor also enables you to search your favorite TV shows or films according to their genre, country, or even their year of release.

Review of the movie Censor (2021).
Censor is an unbelievable Horror movie. It is so realistic scenes as we can expect in horror movies. The performances of all the actors are very strong. The story of the movie starts after Enid viewing a strangely familiar video. Enid discovers an eerie horror that speaks directly to her sister’s Debbie mysterious disappearance, she resolves to unravel the puzzle. Watching this movie made me get hope about the future of good horror movies.

Censor 2021

Genre: 2021Horror


Quality: HD


Date: June 22, 2021

IMDb: 6.6

Duration: 84 min