Dog 2022

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Watch full movie Dog 2022 online in HD. This is the amazing journey of two former Army Rangers forced against their will to join forces to achieve a common goal. None of them can even imagine that this adventure will change the lives of each of them. Army Ranger Briggs and a dog named Lulu find themselves together when he has to deliver her to California. The two strap on to an old 1984 Ford Bronco to embark on the journey. They race along the Pacific coast, hoping to arrive on time for a colleague’s funeral.

On the way, they will conflict, put up and drive each other crazy. They will break laws, narrowly escape death, and try to get a chance to find happiness again. If at the very beginning of the journey, Briggs is sure that it is he who is carrying Lulu, then closer to the end of their adventure, he will question his confidence. Perhaps it is the four-legged pet that directs his life. Watch new 2022 movies flixtor to website.

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Watch full movie Dog 2022 movie on Flixtor & 123movies site. This is the best site to watch free movie online. You can get it for your Android or iOS.

Review of the movie Dog 2022.
Briggs, along with his dog Lulu, a Belgian Malinois, travels to the Pacific coast to catch the funeral of his best cynologist friend. Briggs lives like every day is his last. A light trip along the Pacific coast turns into a hellish journey, where it is not clear who is carrying whom.

Dog 2022

Genre: 2022ComedyMyflixer


Quality: HD


Date: February 21, 2022

IMDb: 6.9

Duration: 90 min