Brats 2024

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Ringwald hesitates, saying she’ll consider it, while Nelson is nowhere to be found. “Brats” provides a glimpse into the filmmaker’s reunion with co-stars, such as Estevez, who rarely participates in retrospective interviews but made an exception for McCarthy. The most intriguing aspect of “Brats” is the actors themselves, each offering a unique perspective on the Brat Pack era. Sheedy is optimistic, acknowledging the opportunities of that time, like her role in “The Breakfast Club.” Lowe is critical of Blum’s impact on his career. Moore takes on a therapeutic role, reflecting on the event with McCarthy from a deeper perspective. Estevez is cautious, acknowledging the article’s harm and his own innocence at the time. McCarthy, on the other hand, leads with nervous laughter but delves into the heart of the matter, admitting that the Brat Pack label posed significant challenges, even derailing his career. Stream Online English Movies and TV Shows on Flixtor in HD.

Brats 2024

Genre: 2024Documentary


Date: June 19, 2024

IMDb: 6.8

Duration: 92 Minutes