Boy Kills World 2024

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The film’s main character, “Boy,” seeks revenge on Hilda Van Der Koy, the unstable head of a deceitful post-apocalyptic household, for killing his family. A deaf and silent orphan boy is taken in by a shaman who also teaches him survival techniques. After being trained as a deadly weapon, Boy is released during the annual purge of dissidents. Despite his training, Boy is not a cold-blooded killer; rather, he is naive and thinks that his terrible deeds are just sequences from a video game. This innocence adds a humorous element to the intense confrontations. Boy, haunted by his beloved video game from infancy, follows his gut instinct and gathers allies to oppose the insane dynasty. Check out this full length movie on Flixtor tor.

Boy Kills World 2024

Genre: 2024ActionCrimeThriller


Quality: HD


Date: May 1, 2024

IMDb: 6.8

Duration: 1h 51m