Blood & Gold 2023

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Heinrich is a lowly soldier in a small platoon. It is set to be executed for deserting because he is repulsed by the behaviour of his side and only wants to return home and find his child. Contrary to the brutal efficiency of the German stereotype, the soldiers just drive away and leave him to die rather than completing the task. Elsa, the brave farmer’s daughter who is defending both her house and her brother Paule, cuts him down from the tree. Paule suffers from an unidentified learning problem, but Elsa has prevented the Nazis from sending him to the extermination camps like so many other “defective” people were. There are no subscriptions needed for streaming Flixtor movies and tv shows that are released in 2023.

Blood & Gold 2023

Genre: ActionAll Latest MoviesDramaFlixTor 2023War


Quality: HD


Date: May 29, 2023

IMDb: 6.6

Duration: 100 min