Bird Box: Barcelona 2023

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Bird Box Barcelona takes place in a world where the sight of enigmatic animals causes people to commit themselves. This time, Sebastián, a man who is only trying to survive in Barcelona, Spain, is the major subject of attention. Similar to the original, the story spans several time periods as it gradually reveals his painful journey from the start of the crisis to the present. That start was tragically costly for Sebastian and was just as insane and cruel as the first movie, if not more so. His ensuing struggle for survival was difficult, too, as he frequently found himself being used as a punching bag. In contrast to the original movie, this offshoot focuses more on the interaction between people and the monsters. Latest titles are added on daily basis on Flixtor movie website without an cost.

Bird Box: Barcelona 2023

Genre: FlixTor 2023HorrorMysterySci-Fi


Quality: HD


Date: July 17, 2023

IMDb: 5.4

Duration: 112 min