365 Days 2020

Watch new movie 365 Days 2020 flixtor in HD quality. This movie is about a young and handsome guy named Massimo Torricelli. Who became the leader of the most dangerous Sicilian mafia after the murder of his father. Once the fatal beauty Laura Biel working as the manager of an elite hotel. She decides to go on a trip with her boyfriend and friends to Sicily to establish personal relationships. But the girl could not even think that she would be captured by a local gangster. When Massimo saw Laura, she was immediately struck by her beauty. In fact, he liked her and it seemed like love at first sight. Soon he abducts a new lover, and then holds him captive and gives her exactly 365 days so that she can fall in love with him. You can also watch flixtor famous Hollywood movies online without any payment.

365 Days 2020

Genre: 2020DramaFixtor


Quality: HD


Date: April 18, 2022

IMDb: 2.9

Duration: 114 min